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Green Metal

Did You know?


Aluminium can be melted down, bashed into shape and reformed very easily without losing quality. This makes aluminium 100% recyclable:


•  Recycling aluminium saves around 95% of greenhouse gas emissions compared to producing the 'raw' product;

•  Recycling 1 tonne of aluminium saves 9 tonnes of CO2 emissions, 1 tonne of CO2 is the equivalent of driving 2800 miles;

•  The process is quick; aluminium which is properly recycled is back in the production process in less than 6 weeks;

•  Recycling half a kilo of aluminium saves around 7 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity.


The majority of Corialis' billets consumed for the architectural system solutions come from secondary billets and can be considered GREEN METAL.


So as well as enhancing the looks and energy-efficient properties of people's homes and offices, this is why we love working with ALUMINIUM.

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Discover the Advantages Of Aluminium

Superior design, adapted to all styles (modern and classical)

Modern design

Widest range of colours and finishes possible

Environment friendly product

Classic Design

Superior rigidity versus PCV and Wood, requiring less material

Excellent insulation based on most advanced technologies

High theft security and better noise containment

Larger product range, allowing for tailor-made solutions

EU and Local legislation in support of efficiency oriented renovation

Highest recycling potential nearly no waste

Great colour retention resulting in a longer product lifetime and little maintenance & repair resulting in a lower lifetime cost

Building A Sustainable Future


We strive for high-quality products wih a long lifespan exceeding the European Energy regulation minimum requirements for insulation. Our focus is to reduce resource consumption in the manufacturing proces as well as reduce resource consumption and emissions of our clients building with our products.


The European Aluminium Association sustainability brochure of Aluminium in Buildings states that Aluminium contributes to a sustainable future thanks to:


  • The longer life cycle of our products, they generally generate less waste over time compared to other system materials;
  • Increased natural lighting: thanks to the slim design and increased strenght of the profiles natural lighting inside buildings increases;
  • Increased energy saving during the heating season and increased energy savings during the cooling season;
  • Aluminium allows for efficient renovation.

Green building can lead to many different economic and environmental benefits:


  • Investments in energy efficiency during construction or renovation saves also energy and decrease operating costs like maintenance. As aluminium needs less maintenance, it results in less spoiling of water and detergents during the cleaning of windows,…




Social Responsibility

Corialis is practicing social responsibility through our Green Metal Initiatives 


For the survival of this planet, it is crucial for people to do their part to improve the world. All employees engage themselves in stopping using plastics as much as they possibly can! It is our corporate effort to use resources efficiently.


Corialis' commitment to sustainability extends through all phases of our product's life cycle, from design and manufacturing to support and end of life. We continuously focus on reducing resource consumption and emissions in our development and manufacturing process.   




Reducing Energy Consumption

Corialis has invested in the insulation of ovens, fast die ovens, revolving doors and dies pre-heating through recycling of exhaust gases of the billet ovens. This significantly reduces the power requirements of the equipment

Some production sites have obtained the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001 certification, non certified hubs have committed to be compliant by 2020

Chrome Free Compliance

Our coating equipments comply with Chrome free regulations

Paperless Supply Chain

Our entire supply chain process (from ordering over picking to delivery) is paperless

Ecological Purchasing

Wherever possible we try to purchase products with a lower environmental impact

Our profiles are transported in re-usable U-containers

Our Punch tools are refurbished to service for new product series, this saves energy and CO2 emission compared to producing new ones

On track to save 20% by 2020

Corialis complies with Article 8 of the EED, which requires mandatory energy audits for large enterprises and SMEs by the end of 2015. We are on track to save 20% by 2020.

70% of our office and production lighting are LED

We provide our customers with calculation softwares to optimize material consumption and reduce waste

On site recycling parks
Powder saving and recuperation

Our coating lines are equiped with Opti Speeders an innovative technology which saves and recuperates coating powder

During research and development of our new products series we are thinking ahead and look for easy ways of fabrication and installation