SUSTAINABILITY at the core of our business model

Sustainability is at the core of our business model, reflected in our product offering, as well as sourcing and production processes.


Sustainability is key across all steps of the value chain:

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Our strategic sustainability areas:

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global trends


Corialis is well positioned to comply with the new EU building renovation standards towards 2030, by already focusing on a sustainable product offering via responsible processes.


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Responsible sourcing


Corialis is certifying its products with country and marketspecific labels to prove that the raw materials and the products are meeting the highest environmental and social standards


Many of our products have cradle-to-cradle certifications and all major hubs are in the process of increasing the number of certified products.






Since 2021 Corialis has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption





Corialis is practicing social responsibility through all sustainability initiatives.


For the survival of this planet, it is crucial for people to do their part to improve the world. All employees engage themselves in stopping using plastics as much as they possibly can! It is our corporate effort to use resources efficiently.


Corialis' commitment to sustainability extends through all phases of our product's life cycle, from design and manufacturing to support and end of life. We continuously focus on reducing our environmental footprint.   


Discover the areas on which we have worked recently:


Reducing energy consumption
  • Installation of energy efficient ovens 
  • Green electricity production  (installation of solar panels)
  • Technical improvements to reduce gas consumption on existing painting lines
  • New, more energy efficient, painting lines

We selected 4 key ISO's to be implemented by 2021 in all major hubs: ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and 5001.


Chrome Free Compliance

Our coating equipments comply with Chrome free regulations

Paperless supply chain

Our entire supply chain process (from ordering over picking to delivery) is paperless

Ecological purchasing

Wherever possible we try to purchase products with a lower environmental impact

Our Punch tools are refurbished to service for new product series, this saves energy and CO2 emission compared to producing new ones

Waste management

Incoming packaging is reused onsite for material storage. To avoid waste generation, Corialis invested in the last decade in more than 30,000 galvanised steel containers to supply the profiles at our customers. This way we avoid the consumption of a massive volume of wood and plastic spiral wrap.

Optimise material usage

We provide our customers with calculation softwares to optimize material consumption and reduce waste

Water management

We have state-of-the art vertical powder coating lines with low water consumption rates in all our hubs with powder coating
facilities. By utilising best available technologies, we have significantly improved our water efficiency.

Powder saving and recuperation

Our coating lines are equiped with Opti Speeders an innovative technology which saves and recuperates coating powder. Our vertical powder coating lines capture and reuse 98% of excess powder on average.

On site recycling parks
Continuous R&D developments

During research and development of our new products series we look to further optimise our environmental footprint and increase products lifespan