Cradle to Cradle Picture.jpg

A 'cradle to cradle' building material


Aluminium is produced through two different routes: Primary Aluminium from bauxite ore and Recycled Aluminium from processed scrap and used aluminium products.


Bauxite ore is in abundant supply, occurring mainly in tropical and sub-tropical areas such as West Africa, South America and Australia. Once mined and refined it can then be rolled, cast or extruded into anything from architectural structures to aircraft, cars and packaging.


After use it can be recycled repeatedly without loss of its material qualities. This property of infinite recyclability means that up to 75% of the world’s aluminium ever produced is still in productive use, having been through countless loops of its ‘cradle to cradle’ lifecycle.


Given that it only takes 5% of the original energy used to create primary aluminium, recycled aluminium is a true eco-friendly material that can be made available not just once but indefinitely for future generations.


Therefore Aluminium offers a building material that is sustainable and effectively inexhaustible.