Why aluminium?


From the start, Corialis exclusively works with aluminium for its superior technical properties as well as its sustainable characteristics.


Low lifetime cost


  • Long product lifetime (40-50 years);
  • Low maintenance and repair requirements;
  • Strong resistance to corrosion

Excellent insulation properties

  • Thermal efficiency thanks to modern insulation techniques;
  • Acoustic insulation leading to superior noise attenuation;
  • Enhanced anti-theft protection. 

Outstanding aesthetics

  • Superior designs tailored to all styles (ranging from classic to modern);
  • Extensive range of colors and finishes to meet all possible customer needs.

Environment friendly

  • Infinite recyclability without loss in physical properties;
  • Supported by EU and local legislation for efficiency-oriented window renovations;
  • Primary material to reduce the weight and hence environmental impact of structures as they become lighter

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