Why aluminium?


Corialis designs and manufactures innovative, technologically-advanced aluminium architectural solutions for the windows, doors, sliding elements, roof systems & conservatories, curtain walls and balustrades market. Our activities fall into two categories: ‘Achitectural Systems’ and 'Tailor-Made Extrusions'.

Broad range of shapes and colors making aluminium the only suitable solution for most advanced windows, doors and other building systems;


  • Excellent color retention; 
  • Long product lifetime and low maintenance;
  • High resistance to corrosion;
  • Superior rigidity, requiring less material;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Greater security and enhanced antitheft protection;
  • The only suitable solution for more complex systems.

Excellent insulation properties

  • Thermal efficiency thanks to modern insulation techniques;
  • Acoustic insulation leading to superior noise attenuation;
  • Enhanced anti-theft protection. 

Outstanding aesthetics

  • Superior designs tailored to all styles (ranging from classic to modern);
  • Extensive range of colors and finishes to meet all possible customer needs.

Highest recycling potential

  • Infinite recyclability without loss in physical properties in contrast with PVC which has a limited recyclability and loses its physical properties;
  • Supported by EU and local legislation for efficiency-oriented window renovations.

Reduced lifetime costs

  • Little to no maintenance and repair requirements resulting in a lower lifetime costs;
  • Extended lifetime resulting in lower costs.